Perry Brent Davis Studio

Archive Gallery

These pieces are now in private collections, but are representitive of Perry's work.

Me'lange Lilac Plume Aviva Purple Torso Twisting Flourish Broken Chalice Leaf and Fan Table Screen Arrow in the Heart Two Hearts into One Red Helix The Torch Thrust Zorn Transition of Light Brilliant Helix Red Artichoke Stalactite Seam Sun Flower Burning Sun Spiral and Waves Can-Can Dancer Water Fountain Flair I Flair II Birds of a Feather Blue Insect Tango in Red High Rise Well Spring Starfish It Comes to Life Desert Floral Stalactite Sea Dragonfly Five Windows Flat Top Front Pocket Desert Burst Cube Ball Road Agate Ahead of Fantasy Movement of Time Torso with Heart Lace in the Wind Skeletal Lace Snake Eyes Line Through Space Sea Flower Bird Walk Long Curved Pocket Beige Tones Pointed Pattern Druzy Flower Gourds Fluid Feeling Druzy Flow Color Separation Curves and Bands Clear Flame Water Cave Hands Lifted Tide Player Burning Sword Green Orchid Rainbow Butte Cold Flame One Cold Flame Two Money Tree Pure Motion Dancing Fire Winter Flower Two Red Fishes Ultraman Elephant Face CBA6 Dancing Tone
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