Perry Brent Davis Studio

New Works: Destination Europe

The latest works by Perry Brent Davis, G.G. These pieces are available for acquisition and are original creations of a single edition. They are signed by the artist/sculptor with logo, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Small Window Spiral Drop Stalagmite Grotto Inside Flame Time Flair Bird in Nest Movement Maze Wave Motion Ocean Flower Big and Green Flowing Purity Reaching Out Red Rooster Cactus Flower Outback Sunset Small Candle Over Flowing Brain Small Fountain Pen and Scroll Violet Flower Creation Form Druzy Form Flow Form Skysail Desert Dunes Many Form Pair 4 (Mask) Pair 4 (Mask) The Feather Gray Rope Pair - Left Gray Rope Pair - Right Druzy Stripe Shell Pair - Left Druzy Stripe Shell Pair - Right Fantasy Shield Druzy Curl Druzy Bouquet In or Out Rising Leaning Tree Classy Curves
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