Perry Brent Davis Studio

New Works: Destination China

These pieces are available for acquisition and are original creations of a single edition, by Perry Brent Davis, G.G. They are signed by the artist/sculptor with logo, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Double Happiness Open Up Pocket-Pocket Listening Bright Eye Night Sky Serpent Design Green Hugging Rainbow Wave Curved Spire Pattern Dynamic Red Club Bright Band Red Explosion Pattern Curve Hollow Form Bastion of Pattern Manchurian Building Swirling Sky Watcher Plateau Palette Moss Surround TV Agate Inner Darkness Rising Up Happy Face Fantastic Four Blue Dragon Polk-A-Dot Bouquet Love Gun Ribbons Seven Spots Whisper, sm Whisper, big Seduction Dragon in the Clouds Solid Air Frosted Druzy Fingers Dots in Motion Coming Out Silver Looking State of Mind Golden Crescent Desert Scene 1 Desert Scene 2 Tanka Swirl Kokopelli Roman Warrior Balanced Rock Elf's Grotto Dream World Inner Growth The Universe Mother Earth Dancing Orbs In the Cloud Black Cloud Smoky Rain Looking into the Distance Unity Owl on the Cave Leaf Skeleton Glacier Mexico Lady Every Which Way Sky Over Skies Celebration Time Changes Gem of the Plateau Dragon Bone
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