Perry Brent Davis Studio

New Works: Destination USA

The latest works by Perry Brent Davis, G.G. These pieces are available for acquisition and are original creations of a single edition. They are signed by the artist/sculptor with logo, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Tao of Rutile Golden Tower Angel Wings Dew on the Leaf Autumn Fanfare Moods of a Pastel Orb-Scape Picture Frame Ice Cream Swirl Sailfish Jumping Montana Twins Montana Twins Long Face Red Leaf Between the Lines Autumn Plumage Eagle's Egg, Pair 3 Bow Tie, Pair 3 Druzy Swirl Watermelon and Egg Spiral Point Water Form Geometric Bone Double Swirl Circles Point Out Curley Q Polk-A-Dot Swirl Shooting Star Ice Tree The Face Jam Session Sleek Bright Fire Pattern Cut Expressive Tubes Torso and Hook Light and Dark Within Twist Seam Pocket Flag Egg Holder One Paisley Flames Balls and Pocket Flower Form Brown Bubbles Two Lines Intersect Curl and Swirl Water Drop Lines Crossing Lines Wave Pockets Angel Dance Pastel Pattern Curved Pocket Cradle Pattern Plate Panorama Pocket Silver Looking Glass Golden Reflection Regal Bloom Burning Tree Aqua Iris
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