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Bio of Perry Brent Davis

Davis has spent his life in the jewelry and gemstone carving arts. He has worked in many different styles, many technical disciplines, and all the fine materials. This includes gold, silver, platinum, and all types of gemstone materials. His experiences took place in Arizona, California, Colorado and China.

Formal training in gemstones took place in 1980 at the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California. This is the foremost school in the world for training in the study of gemstones and their properties. This includes extensive training with diamonds and their grading.

2005–ongoing:  Continue carving project in Jin Zhou, Liaoning, China, to full time, year around.

2011/03–2016/03:  Solo Exhibit at Gemological Institute of America headquarters Museum, Carsbad, California.

2014/09–2015/01:  Gem Artists of North America Member's Show, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

2011/10–2013/10:  Pieces placed on loan to Ambassador Gary Locke, American Ambassador to China, at Official American Ambassador's Residency, Bejing, China.

2011 & 2012:  Pieces shown in “Art Beijing Show” Beijing, China.

2009/09:  North East Cultural Exhibition in Shenyang.

2007/10:  China Sculpture Magazine Show in Shanghai.

2006/09–2006/11:  Solo show in Jinzhou Museum.

2005/08:  Art Fair Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

2005:  Beaver Creek Art Festival Show in Colorado.

2005:  Aspen Art Festival Show in Colorado.

Vail Art Festival Show in Colorado.

2004:  Test project to find scope of work direction for working in China.

2003–2005:  Kirk Norlin Gallery.

2003–2004/8:  Loveland Sculpture Invitational.

2002–2003:  Visit Chinese carvers in Liaoning to learn if a carving project can be started with my chosen design direction.

2001/3:  Art Expo New York.

1999–2005:  Gallery of Artist at Denver Gem and Mineral Show.

1998–2005:  Sculpture studio in Idaho Springs, Colorado, for stone carving.

1997–2005:  Gallery of Artist at Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

1996/Fall:  research carving materials in Zhe Jiang, China.

1995/12–1996/1:  Invitation for technical assistance and first carving project in Xiamen Fujian, China.

1988–1994:  Mineral and Jewelry store “Crystals”, in Silver Plume Colorado. In 1994 started full time carving of stone.

1984–1986:  Started and operated The Copper Mountain Gem Setter, jewelry store in Copper Mountain, Colorado, a ski resort.

1982–1985:  Started and operated The Georgetown Gem Setter, jewelry store, in Georgetown, Colorado.

1981:  Worked at Jolley’s Jewelry’s in Aptos and Watsonville, California.

1980:  Attended Gemologist training at GIA, moved to California.

1973–1979:  started my own studio to make jewelry for stores and take orders making all types of pieces in silver and gold mostly by hand fabrication. This included 2–5 full time jewelers.

1972:  Worked in Scottsdale, Arizona fine jewelry stores.

1971:  Started training in jewelry making in Phoenix, Arizona.

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