Perry Brent Davis Studio

Artist's Statement

"As a sculptor, I find some of the most beautiful naturally colored minerals the earth produces.

Circles"What most inspires my work are the shapes I see in nature. Standing before the dramatic stone formations of the Colorado Plateau and different times of the day, the sun will accent rainbows of color in the geological layers. When selecting materials for sculpting, I choose stones that exemplify the power of nature, and possess the natural rainbows provided by the elements in the minerals.

"This incredible medium forms my raw material--often there are natural crystal pockets and features which accentuate the simple form of my contemporary pieces. The stones are carefully chosen for consistent patterns, appealing color, and rich textures. Precise interaction with the patterns lends itself to the creation of a very dramatic piece. There is flavor... and influences of art deco, nouveau, abstract, and surrealism.

Autumn Plumage"Typically, this labor-intensive process is accomplished with a variety of minerals combined in one stone—not fabricated at the studio. An arsenal of different diamond tools are employed to extract the array of colors hidden inside, while choosing a design that compliments the briliant patterns in the stone.

"My background as a gemologist and jeweler allows me to bring a multitude of techniques together with knowlege and experience to the sculpting process."

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