Perry Brent Davis Studio

About the Artist

"Each piece Davis creates makes it clear he is a world-class artist and gem carver." – Nathan Renfro, gemologist, Gemological Institute of America

Always driven by creativity and a love of nature, Perry Brent Davis's early studies of design led him to work in the medium of jewelry. Eventually, inspired by the beauty of the gemstones he used, he focused his artistic interest on that aspect of his occupation and in 1980 received a graduate degree in gemology from the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California. In 1984 he began to experiment with carving soft stones.

Over the next 25 years Perry opened stores in Georgetown and Copper Mountain, and later, studios in Silver Plume and Idaho Springs, Colorado. As his sculptural practice deepened, he became determined to find a solution that would enable him to create larger hard stone or gemstone carvings, something only a handful of artists were producing in the US.

A convergence of innovations and events over the years supported his efforts: The increasing availability of state-of-the-art diamond tools for cutting; the emergence of numerous gem and mineral shows where he could acquire materials; new varieties of stones finding their way onto the market; and finally, the opportunity to operate a studio staffed by master carvers in China.

Upon his arrival in 2005, Davis became the only expatriate gem carving artist actually living, and working hands-on with local artisans, in China. Fueled by decades of his own experience, and moved to raise the bar even higher by the virtuosity of the Chinese artists in his new community, he uses his passion, talent and training to transform exceptional natural gemstones into the expressive, highly original works of art he always envisioned.

"To get such amazing carvings in such large sizes is a feat… To carve and polish them so beautifully to bring out the intricate patterns is quite an accomplishment and rarely seen." – Terri Ottaway, curator, GIA Museum

Perry Davis's work has been seen in numerous publications and exhibitions in the US and China, including a solo show at Jinzhou Museum in 2006 and Art Beijing 2011–12.

In the US, a solo exhibition at Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California is on view through February, 2015. In China, a selection is on view at the official residency of the American Ambassador to China, and a solo exhibition at White Box Museum of Art, located in Beijing’s 798 Art District, opened in August, 2012.

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