Perry Brent Davis Studio

About the Art

"What most inspires my work are the shapes I see in nature." – Perry Davis

Look up the definitions of a gem, you will find:

  1. A mineral cut and polished.
  2. Something held as a perfect example; a treasure.

When a work of art is called a gem, it means it is fully realized, though small in scale, rather than a model for or fragment of a larger piece. All of the above apply to the art of Perry Brent Davis, in which he exposes the secret splendors within exceptional examples of natural quartz, agate and jasper, interpreted through the eye and hand of the sculptor.

While he relates an early inspiration, viewing neoclassical marble portraiture, where flowing lines executed in such hard material struck his imagination, Davis's forms today have a much closer visual relationship to modernism, with one directly inspired by Brancusi. When the artist brings the character of the stone itself into play, the spirits of surrealism, expressionism and minimalism are also brought to light.

"I choose stones that exemplify the power of nature, and possess the natural rainbows provided by the elements in the minerals," Davis says. Each stone is unique, some containing patterns and colours that can only be revealed by carefully and purposefully removing the surface skin. In others the qualities of the stone are apparent, although ever changing with movement and shaping—the constant study of every piece throughout the process is a necessity.

With an artist's eye and a gemologist's knowledge of the stone, Perry works with his team of master stone carvers in China to conceive and craft one-of-a-kind pieces that represent a substantial fusion of Eastern and Western sculptural styles, with the highest level of attention to detail resulting in perfectly polished surfaces, even straight lines, and flowing curves.

Perry likens himself to a painter working with colors, not as powdered and bound pigment, but in their natural state. Rather than building layers, he strips away non-essential sections of nature's composition to reveal his vision of the energy and beauty within the stone, creating a 3-dimensional painting inside the sculptural form, which of course can be viewed from all angles.

By often putting most of the weight of the stone at the top of the sculpture, Davis creates a radiant sense of lightness. The stone, tethered on its custom base of the finest solid black granite, appears to float on air. Most works are mounted to rotate freely when touched, adding another level of ever-changing, immersive interactivity on, with a size range of 6 to 15 inches tall without the base, a very personal scale.

Davis also works with bronze, both alone and in mixed media pieces that combine stone and metal. In the latter case, the paired components expand and reinforce the artist's gesture. The bronze-only works often echo Davis's stone pieces in form and surface.

Each work of art by Perry Brent Davis is titled, signed, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
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